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French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard passed away at the age of 91.

White Lightning

The French New Wave's director and former "enfant terrible" contributed to the 1960s revolution in popular film.

Leading figure in the French New Wave

Godard had supported Alfred Hitchcock and Howard Hawks as a critic, and Belmondo uses a poster of Humphrey Bogart to emphasise her goal in Breathless.

White Lightning
White Lightning

The director was establishing himself as a representative of the New Wave in narrative, which was characterised by innovation and a rejection of conventional methods.

This French New Wave pioneer claimed that "we are behind the times." And at that precise moment, his filmmaking changed. He started a decade of purposefully subversive films, made in Palestine, Italy, and Czechoslovakia, with a minimal budget, no commercial appeal, and brimming with Marxist fervour.

impact on contemporary movies

The development of Godard as a creatorcosts low.

Godard was contemplating himself and the movie as a whole. Even though he had always been experimenting, as his art developed, he became less interested in story and more engaged in experimentation costs low.

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