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Dakota made her film debut at age 9 in Crazy Alabama.

Her bring back home keepsakes from the hot Fifty Shades of Grey were a flogger and some hot clothing.

Dakota's boyfriend of almost five years is Coldplay lead singer ChrisMartin (previously wedded to GwynethPaltrow).

Dakota has 12 tattoos, her most loved being a quote, “Lightly, my darling,” from the book Island by AldousHuxley.

Once she saved 12 ponies from being killed by giving the assets expected to keep up with their equestrian community.

In 2006, Dakota was the first second-generation Miss Golden Globe in history.

In 2017, Dakota gave money to the legal defense fund to help survivors of rape, harassment and inequality in the workplace.

Prior to acting, Johnson endorsed with IMG Models to send off her profession.

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